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The war for attention: How to have the upper hand - AdNews
The Tale of Thomas Burberry - Burberry Festive Film 2016
TikTok Builds Itself Into an Ads Juggernaut
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People Aren’t Meant to Talk This Much
The Town of Nowhere - Rumble Strategic Creative
Become more Media | Danijela, Megadeals Advisory
Carvana - Official Big Game Commercial 2022 - “Oversharing Mom”
Diet Coke - Roller Girl Commercial 2005 #1 starring Nicole Vinicus
▶ Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World
Eargo Commercial (Long Version) | Have You Ever #overheard Something You Wish You Hadn’t?
Finally, some details on Netflix’s ad-supported offering — but buyers are stunned at what they're hearing
Savings Talk
The Brandtech Group
Jack Dorsey regrets that Twitter was a company at all – TechCrunch
Facebook reports drop in revenue for the first time
Why data unions are the optimal solution for a post-cookie world
CarGurus TV Spot, 'Moving'
In ad tech, everyone wants less to mean more now
Brand vs Performance: Let’s End this False Dichotomy
Scarcity is the secret sauce behind everything from Wordle to the McRib
2021 UK's strongest-ever year for adspend, AA/Warc report says
DIRECTV STREAM | Get Your TV Together | "Wonder" feat. Serena Williams :60
Move Over Influencers, Here Come Curators
Is anything cool anymore?
Bots Do Whatever You Pay For, At Scale

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