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Carvana - Official Big Game Commercial 2022 - “Oversharing Mom”
Diet Coke - Roller Girl Commercial 2005 #1 starring Nicole Vinicus
▶ Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World
Eargo Commercial (Long Version) | Have You Ever #overheard Something You Wish You Hadn’t?
Finally, some details on Netflix’s ad-supported offering — but buyers are stunned at what they're hearing
Savings Talk
The Brandtech Group
Jack Dorsey regrets that Twitter was a company at all – TechCrunch
Facebook reports drop in revenue for the first time
Why data unions are the optimal solution for a post-cookie world
CarGurus TV Spot, 'Moving'
In ad tech, everyone wants less to mean more now
Brand vs Performance: Let’s End this False Dichotomy
Scarcity is the secret sauce behind everything from Wordle to the McRib
2021 UK's strongest-ever year for adspend, AA/Warc report says
DIRECTV STREAM | Get Your TV Together | "Wonder" feat. Serena Williams :60
Move Over Influencers, Here Come Curators
Is anything cool anymore?
Bots Do Whatever You Pay For, At Scale
The real story behind TikTok
GIFs are the ultimate weapon in this addictive browser game
You Probably Don’t Remember the Internet
From free weed to doughnuts, vaccine marketing is a win for everyone right now
Opinion | The Pandemic and the Future City
The IKEA Audio Catalog: Prologue
We need a total boardroom rethink if customers are to be better served

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