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Singularity, AI & Consciousness

Embrace the exponential. The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity) is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence (ASI) will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.







AI experts are increasingly afraid of what they’re creating
How Big Is Infinity? | Quanta Magazine
What If We’re Not the First Advanced Civilization?
Mining logical circuits in fungi
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Does life on Earth have a purpose?
“Man Becomes the Sex Organs of the Machine World”
A New Physics Theory of Life | Quanta Magazine
Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence
Web3/Metaverse Chat With Mark Zuckerberg
Can Dualism Explain Consciousness? | Episode 1512 | Closer To Truth
The Stoned Ape Hypothesis: Did Magic Mushrooms Influence Human Evolution?
Stoned Ape & Fungal Intelligence - Paul Stamets
Fantastic Fungi, Official Film Trailer | Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg
Why Superintelligent A.I. Will Be Unstoppable
One of My Heroes – Albert Einstein
Moore's Law graphed vs real CPUs & GPUs 1965 - 2019
Hackers, Mason Jars, and the Psychedelic Science of DIY Shrooms
The Magic Chemicals of Psychedelic Wizard Sasha Shulgin
AI is An Ideology, Not A Technology
An album in the style of The Beatles, generated by OpenAI Jukebox
The Ghost of a Flea
What is a DMT trip like and who are the entities you meet? | Matthew Johnson and Lex Fridman
How Does Matter Give Rise To Consciousness? - Sam Harris
DMT Always Shows Shane Mauss the Same Purple Woman on His Trips - Tales from the Trip
DTFH #259 - Shane Mauss - Duncan Trussell Family Hour

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