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Alt Travel

Some of the most interesting and offbeat destinations on Earth.







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Saipan Aerial Tour
The world's tallest tropical tree has been discovered—and climbed—in Malaysian Borneo
The ‘Fake a Plane Ride Challenge’ Has People Using Toilet Seats and Detergent Bottles to Make It Look Like They’re Traveling the World
Middle-Aged, Desperate and Broke as a Joke: How Anthony Bourdain Became an Instant Sensation
Amber on Instagram: “summer
Is America's Own Chernobyl Sitting in the Middle of the Ocean?
How to Visit Malta's World War II Tourist Sites
To the people who willingly chose the middle seat: We have questions
This New 4,000 Mile Trail Will Let People Bike From Coast to Coast on One Seamless Path (Video)
Virtuoso Reveals Top Travel Trends For 2023
Travel + Leisure on Instagram: “Ronda, the largest of Andalusia’s famous white towns, is a mountaintop city set dramatically atop the El Tajo gorge. The gorge separates…”
Tales By Light | Season One Official Trailer
Outdoor · Forest · Mountains on Instagram: “Forest Dreams @cole.lundberg”
Sri Lanka - Woman singing on the train
How rich hippies and developers went to war over Instagram’s favourite beach
I was stolen from, beaten up and swindled -- it was the best trip ever
Pinar del Rio Cuba: What to do in Vinales, Cayo Jutias & More | PRANCIER
This Couple has Lived for 29 Years on an Island They Built Themselves
A Brief History of the Great American Road Trip
The Quiet Beaches of Portugal's Madeira Islands
Traveling to the “Worst” Country in Europe
The Most Difficult (but Rewarding) Places to Add to Your Bucket List
Entering A Mysterious Exclave You've Never Heard Of ( In A Soviet Bi-plane )
The World’s Top 10 Wine Destinations for 2020
City Guide: 48 Hours in Santa Barbara | Man of Many
Inside China's mesmerizing ghost village
The 50 Most Wishlisted Airbnbs in Every State

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