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Everything science.







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The Map of Physics
A Trip to Infinity | Official Trailer | Netflix
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You Don't Have to Quit Meat to Save the Planet—Just Eat Less
Mars Colonies Will Need Solar Power—and Nuclear Too
A Vast Underground Water System Helps Drive Antarctica’s Glaciers
Burning Crops to Capture Carbon? Good Luck Finding Water
A New Gas-Guzzling Postal Fleet Could Be Halted by Lawsuits
A Brain Chemical Helps Neurons Know When to Start a Movement
The Desert’s Fragile Skin Can’t Take Much More Heat
The Ramifications of Roe’s Fall Won’t Stop at Abortion Bans
Ticks Are Spreading in the US—and Taking New Diseases With Them
Delegates at the UN Have Begun Forging New Rules for Space
An Elusive Gravity Signal Could Mean Faster Earthquake Warnings
Bill Gates Is So Over This Pandemic
These Nanobots Can Swim Around a Wound and Kill Bacteria
Researchers Grew Tiny Plants in Moon Dirt Collected Decades Ago
A Guide to Abortion Resources in a Post-Roe America
A Powerful ISS Instrument Will Hunt for Minerals in Dusty Lands
How Realistic Is the Celestial Navigation in Moon Knight?
Can You Make a Hollow Metal Sphere So Big That It Floats?
A Global Boom in Fences Is Harming Wildlife

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